Pray-Adopt-a-Street is an initiative of local churches designed to cover all the streets of the borough of Barnet in prayer.

This is important because we believe in the power of prayer and its ability to positively impact our community and everything that makes up our community.

Our collective effort means that our community is covered in clouds of prayer regularly and consistently.

How to Sign-up for Pray-Adopt-A-Street:

• Decide which street(s) you want to pray for. You can choose the street you live on, the street your child(ren)’s school is on, or any street that you feel a burden to pray for.

• Enter that street address at the top of the ‘Prayer Map’ on the home page map or use the zoom-in/zoom-out features to find the street. You may also navigate to the ‘Find A Street’ page and use the advanced filter list to find a street to adopt.

• Click on the desired street and then click on the ‘Adopt Street’ button. Enter the following information into the page or pop-up window: name, email, and local church that you are a part of

• We are hoping people will commit to pray for their specific street for a specific period but you can always choose to pray for a shorter or longer span of time.

• Once you enter your information and hit “pray” the street will change from red to blue and we will know that street is being prayed for.

• Thanks for committing to pray for Barnet!

How to Pray for Your Street:

• Daily pray and speak PEACE over the homes, schools, & businesses on your street.

• Once a month, take a walk on your street and pray.

• Greet people as you walk.

• Start conversations.

• Ask them about their needs.

• Talk to God about their needs and when you have the opportunity, share God with them.

• Let us know how it’s going! Send an email to with updates, insights, prayer requests, and praise reports

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